First Offerings

First Offerings

An anthology of short stories of a loveless vampire, a haunted family, a mysterious trick or treater, and Dracula with his roommate Floppy. From romance to horror to humor, there’s something here for every reader looking for the spooky section of the comic store. By comic creators Chandra Free and Stephen Emond. 

MATURE for Sexual themes, and adult language. 


The Last Trick or Treater: A mysterious trick or treater arrives at the last house with the lights still on. Is there more to this shadowy figure in a fox mask?
Lonely, BK: Seline is your typical Brooklynite looking for love, but doesn’t understand why she’s alone, aside from the fact that she’s a bloodthirsty vampire and is constantly draining her dates…
1983: Family dysfunction, ghosts, fire, and a Rubik’s cube.
Dracula & Floppy: Can a rabbit and a Dracula be roommates? Join Dracula & Floppy as they fight the day to day life in the modern era. Wacky hijinks follow these two pals wherever they go!
Plus bonus short “10 days of Halloween” and misc. illustrations.

Have Heart


Chandra Free – Co-Founder/Creator

Chandra Free

Erected from Satan’s Waiting Room™, Orlando, Florida, the day walker known as Chandra Free currently haunts the burbs of Connecticut. She is no stranger to the weird and unusual worlds as she has concocted the dark-fantasy graphic novel series, The God Machine, formerly published by Archaia. In addition to her solo work, she has worked as a digital painter on the comic series Sullengrey by Ape Entertainment, a colorist on the comic series Mice Templar by Image, and as an illustrator on John Carpenter’s Tales For a Halloween Night Vol 5 by Storm King Comics and Jim Henson’s Fraggle Rock by Archaia. She also provided digital paintings for the illustrated prose novel, Conspiracy of the Planet of the Apes, has illustrated numerous album covers, provided illustrations to Miss FD’s music video, “Krampus Song,” and illustrated an ad for SYFY Channel’s campaign, “It’s a fan thing.” She has adapted as well as illustrated T.S. Eliot’s The Wasteland & The Boy Who Learned What Shivering Meant for the comics publication The Graphic Canon. She has also done commercial storyboards for 321 Launch, cinematic storyboards for the movie, The Monkey King and character designs for an animated pilot for Project Meatball.

Stephen Emond -Co-Fonder/Creator

Stephen Emond

Stephen Emond has toiled in the basements and boiler rooms of publishers such as MacMillan and Little Brown, Books for Young Readers creating illustrated novels such as Happyface, Winter Town, and Bright Lights, Dark Nights. He also created the comic book series Emo Boy for SLG Publishing as well as art and animation for iOS platformer PenumBear. He draws to silence the voices but writes to let them out.

Private: Our Mission

Chandra Free and Stephen Emond are co-creators of Machina Corpse. Both come from a background of comics and graphic novels, having worked in the industry since the mid-2000’s. 

Machina Corpse aims be home to all manners of spooky, odd, and the nontraditional, a home for passion projects of the dark weirdos of the world. Inclusivity is a priority, and passion a must. We plan to publish graphic novels that pay a page rate, with transparency in the process. 

Free and Emond will release the initial launch projects, each working on a full graphic novel specifically for Machina Corpse. A preview of these first comics will be released this fall, with background info, behind the scenes work and more on Machina Corpse and our plans for the future. We plan to fund these first projects through Kickstarter, with our first campaign launching very shortly!

We want to create a home and community for the unusual content we love, to open Machina Corpse and invite fellow creators with odd and dark stories floating around in their heads, to take chances and show there’s a lot of us out there drawn to these kinds of stories, that there is a market and money to be made with horror stories, singular visions and ideas that get pushed to the side for being just a little too weird.

Machina Corpse is a work in progress, please join us on our journey by leaving an email address and stay tuned for more news in the very near future!

Contact + Info

Machina Corpse is a LLC based in Berlin, CT.

We are currently NOT accepting submissions.

Be patient future corpses